January 2010

Coal Ash Industry Allowed to Edit EPA Reports

(Common Dreams.org 1-27-10) For years U.S. Environmental Protection Agency publications and reports about uses and dangers of coal combustion waste have been edited by coal ash industry representatives, according to EPA documents released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

Separation Technologies Response to "The Coal Ash Case"

(1-20-2010) Your January 20 editorial “The Coal Ash Case” is incomplete and if government status quo is any indicator quite misleading.  To be complete please consider these facts.

The Coal Ash Case

(NYT Editorial 1-18-2010) Just more than a year ago, one billion tons of toxic coal sludge broke loose from a containment pond belonging to the Tennessee Valley Authority, burying hundreds of acres of Roane County in eastern Tennessee and threatening local water supplies and air quality. The Environmental Protection Agency immediately promised new national standards governing the disposal of coal ash to replace a patchwork of uneven — and in many cases weak — state regulations.

Coal Ash Marketer Proposes RCRA Fix Rather than "Hazardous Rule"

During a recent meeting with EPA and OMB officials Separation Technologies recommended enforcement under Section 7003 of RCRA, which provides the EPA Administrator with broad authority to issue unilateral administrative orders requiring facilities to take actions “as may be necessary” in the event that any waste poses an “imminent and substantial endangerment.”

Gypsum Association Proposes RCRA Fix Rather than "Hazardous Rule"

The Gypsum Association proposed that EPA should not identify and coal combustion material including FGD gypsum, as a hazardous waste but rather address surface impoundments under EPA's RCRA imminent and substantial endangerment authority.
To View the Full Presentation Please go to: http://www.acaa-usa.org/associations/8003/files/coal%20ash%20epa2010_0040b.pdf