July 2011

City Releases Report On Longevity of Fly Ash Enhanced Concrete

(Lawrence Journal 7-25-2011) A new audit out of Lawrence City Hall has found that changes to design standards made by the city in 2003 have improved the quality of city streets.
“They are lasting longer,” said City Auditor Michael Eglinski, who conducts performance audits of topics selected by the City Commission. “The changes should produce better streets, but it is going to take awhile.”

House Panel Prunes EPA Regs

(Electric Co-op 7-18-2011) The House Energy and Commerce Committee has voted to advance legislation to block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating coal ash as a hazardous waste.
The committee approved a bill July 13 that would set up a new state-run plan to handle coal combustion residuals, a byproduct of coal-based plants that is commonly recycled as building and construction materials.