New Fly Ash-to-Bricks Plant in Operation in Racine

(Chicago Tribune 1-18-2010) CALEDONIA, Wis. - CalStar, the start-up company that turns We Energies fly ash into architectural bricks and pavers, is now in production.
Company officials publicly celebrated that fact last week at CalStar. According to the company conceived in Silicon Valley, its bricks and pavers:
--Use 40 percent recycled content.
--Emit 85 percent less carbon dioxide than standard kiln-fired bricks.
--Require 85 percent less energy to manufacture.

Recycling Questions Complicate EPA Coal Ash Decision

(NYT 1-13-2010) More than a year after 1 billion or so gallons of water polluted by ash spilled from a coal-burning power plant in Tennessee, the Obama administration is struggling to decide whether to declare such waste "hazardous."

Coal Ash Marketer Proposes RCRA Fix Rather than "Hazardous Rule"

During a recent meeting with EPA and OMB officials Separation Technologies recommended enforcement under Section 7003 of RCRA, which provides the EPA Administrator with broad authority to issue unilateral administrative orders requiring facilities to take actions “as may be necessary” in the event that any waste poses an “imminent and substantial endangerment.”

Gypsum Association Proposes RCRA Fix Rather than "Hazardous Rule"

The Gypsum Association proposed that EPA should not identify and coal combustion material including FGD gypsum, as a hazardous waste but rather address surface impoundments under EPA's RCRA imminent and substantial endangerment authority.
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ASTM Letter to EPA

On behalf of ASTM Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates and Subcommittee C09.24 on Supplementary Cementitious Materials, we are writing in regards to the proposed classification by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of fly ash as a "hazardous waste".

Separation Technologies' Response to Wall Street Journal Article "White House, EPA at Odds Over Coal-Waste Rules"

January 11, 2010
The Editor
Wall Street Journal
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Subject:  “White House, EPA at Odds Over Coal-Waste Rules”  Saturday/Sunday, January 9-10, 2010

Lignite Waste Handled Well in North Dakota

(Bismarck Tribune 1-10-2010) North Dakota's coal-fired plants, regulated by the state and monitored by the health department, have a history of responsible citizenship when it comes to waste. Perhaps it's because of the important legislation written in the 1970s regarding coal mining, reclamation and power plant operations. The state was proactive in defining how the lignite-related industries would behave right from the beginning. Those regulations were the result of hard-fought hearings and debates, with passionate voices for and against development. There was no easy pass.

White House, EPA at Odds Over Coal-Waste Rules

(Wall Street Journal 1-9-2010) The Obama administration is engaged in an unusual internal spat as the White House and Environmental Protection Agency tussle over how to handle millions of tons of waste from coal-fired power plants.

Obama Awards $21 Million in Stimulus Tax Breaks for Wisconsin Manufacturers

(Biz Times 1-8-2010) President Barack Obama today announced that his administration is awarding $2.3 billion in tax credits to the private sector for clean energy manufacturing projects across the country, including seven companies in Wisconsin that will receive $21 million in tax breaks.

EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, Remarks to the Edison Electric Institute

(EPA 1-7-2010) Thank you for inviting me to join you today. I’m honored to be here with Senator Graham, a thoughtful and dedicated public servant. And I’m glad to have this chance to meet with all of you – particularly at the beginning of 2010, a year in which the issues we work on are going to play a major role.