Coal ash bill protects environment, preserves jobs

(The Hill 5-7-2012) Today our nation faces an economic climate in which our national debt is headed toward a record $17 trillion dollars. If we continue on this path, America will meet the fate countries like Greece, Italy and Portugal are now facing. Let’s put this into terms to which we all can relate:  $17 trillion is a debt that exceeds all the worth of our country’s production. If our government’s spending were like that of a family, the collection calls and overdue bills would have long ago caused families to cut spending.

McKinley seeks EPA enforcement probe

(News and Sentinel 5-4-2012)  A West Virginia congressman questioning remarks by a former administrator with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has asked for a probe into alleged unfair enforcement actions.Rep. David McKinley, R-1st, cited the comments by Dr. Al Armendariz, the former Region VI administrator who resigned after he said the EPA should make examples of companies like how the Romans performed random crucifixions in conquered lands to set examples of their authority. He made those comments two years ago and recently resigned after they came to light.

High Volume Fly Ash Masonry Grout

(Structure Magazine May 2012) Concrete masonry has many proven sustainable benefits including low maintenance requirements, long life cycle, high recyclability, high reusability potential, and lower energy cost over life span. The concrete masonry industry could become even more sustainable by reducing the use of Portland cement, whose production generates approximately one ton of carbon dioxide per produced ton.

Fly ash in concrete— no worries

(Structural Engineer April 2012) For years structural engineers have incorporated fly ash into their concrete mix designs to produce high quality concrete, and its use as a cement replacement is increasing as engineers seek to reduce CO2 emissions. Questions have arisen recently over the appropriateness of incorporating fly ash into concrete due to concerns about the trace amounts of mercury found in the byproduct of coal combustion.

Transportation Bill Passes With Fly Ash Amendment

(Wheeling News-Register 4-19-2012)  The U.S. House on Wednesday voted to extend federal transportation funding through September, a measure that included Rep. David B. McKinley's "fly ash" bill and another provision permitting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. House Resolution 4348 was approved by a vote of 293-127, with local Reps. McKinley and Shelley Moore Capito, both R-W.Va.; Bob Gibbs and Bill Johnson, both R-Ohio; and Nick Rahall, D-W.Va., all voting in favor.

McKinley applauds fly ash addition to transportation bill

(The State Journal 4-18-2012) Rep. David B. McKinley, R-W.Va. added an amendment supporting the use of coal ash byproducts to the Surface Transportation Extension Act on April 18. Coal ash, the byproduct of combustion of coal, can be used as a building material for highways, bridges, concrete and other uses. His amendment to the House transportation bill would block the EPA from regulating the material.

Ripley’s aquarium in Toronto taking shape with construction of the concrete shark tank floor

(The Star 3-13-2012) The concrete floor of what will be Toronto’s biggest fish tank, in the city’s first tourist attraction in two decades, is down. Now we wait for sharks. Construction crews at the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada site south of the CN Tower poured the massive, 40-centimetre-thick pad on Saturday. Finishers worked until the wee hours of Sunday, then left the slab to cure for two weeks.

Donation Helps Students Stay Safe

(Co-op News 3-1-2012) Students in a North Dakota school district now have a safe place to walk and bike to class, thanks to a Minnesota G&T. A donation from a G&T helped a North Dakota town repair sidewalks near a K-12 school.   Great River Energy, Maple Grove, donated more than 1,300 tons of fly ash to the city of Washburn for repair and construction of sidewalks and trails, some of them located near its K-12 school.

Activu Moves into New Headquarters in Award-Winning Green Facility to Accommodate Business Growth and Expanded Research and Development

(Digital Journal 2-27-2012) Significantly larger facility will support Activu’s growing market acceptance as a leader in intelligent visualization and collaboration solutions in North America and abroad. Stunning new office space has won awards for architecture, interior design, environmentally sustainable construction and energy efficient design • Underscores Activu’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and to providing a high-quality work environment for its staff

Study on beneficial uses of CO2 from lignite-based power plants completed

(Prairie Business 2-25-2012) Carbon dioxide capture from lignite-based power plants has three potential opportunities for beneficial use, according to a recently completed study by the Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC) in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The beneficial uses of purified carbon dioxide include: mineralization, greenhouse gas agriculture and enhanced oil recovery.