March 2011

Caledonia's Calstar transforms We Energies Fly Ash into "Green Bricks"

 (Caleonia Patch, 4-1-2011) A California company has revitalized an old building in Caledonia and found a way to make eco-friendly building materials out of ash from the nearby We Energies power plant.
It’s not a partnership Tom Pounds expected when CalStar Products went looking for a place for its first manufacturing facility.

Waste Ash to Reinforce Concrete

 (Discovery News 3-30-2011) Concrete, the material making up tons of America's infrastructure, from bridges to roadways, unfortunately tends to crumble. But a new coating that is hundreds of times more durable than existing concrete shields could save the day -- and it's made from "flyash," the soot and dust waste that spews out of more than 450 coal burning plants in the United States every day.

Coal Ash Seen as Valuable Resource

(UPI 3-29-2011) Fly ash, a byproduct of coal-burning electric power plants, could save billions of dollars if used in the repairing of U.S. bridges and roads, researchers say.
Using fly ash to coat the concrete used to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure could extend the life of those roads and bridges by decades, saving billions of dollars of taxpayer money, scientists told a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, Calif., Tuesday.

Huge Potential of Fly Ash

 (ECO Composites 3-27-2011) Composite metal foams that can replace solid aluminum and magnesium have the potential to keep millions of tons of toxic waste out of landfills while improving performance and lowering the cost of some automotive and consumer products. 
US researchers have reported the results of experiments designed to utilize fly ash – a by-product of coal combustion – as an additive to create the lightweight composites.

New Tech Uses Fly Ash to Decrease Vehicle Weight

( Earth 911, 3-24-2011) Researchers have found a way to use fly ash – a byproduct of coal combustion – as an additive to create lightweight metal foams that could replace heavy aluminum and magnesium parts in automobiles.